The Messagesd Scholarship Program

The Messagesd Scholarship Program

Messagesd announced a $1,000 scholarship in mars 2018. This scholarship will be awarded to a deserving candidate who demonstrates a high skill in article writing. The topic to write on is anything related to“love parents”. This scholarship program is applicable for every high-school seniors, undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Program Deadline

The deadline for the article submission is Dec 31, 2018. We will choose One winner from the applicants, the winning article will be chosen and announced on January30, 2019. Please note that our website runs this scholarship on an annual basis.

Who Qualifies:

High school, college, and university students

Students currently studying on any department

How To Apply:

Write a creative and informative article about “Love for your parents” between 500-800 words.

Submit your article by emailing us at “” with the subject “Messagesd Scholarship.”

Personal Information (Full Name, Phone And Address).

Name of the School/College/University.

Terms And Conditions

Messagesd will not charge or ask for any fees from any student who wish to join the program.

The articles are expected, and should be, duly completed by the applicants.

Incomplete entries will not be considered and processed.

Non-English submissions will automatically be rejected.

Messagesd reserves the exclusive rights to publish any of the entries it receives.

Thank you so much for visiting Messagesd .